I. sequester se‧ques‧ter 1 [sɪˈkwestə ǁ -ər] verb [transitive] formal
1. to make a group of people, such as a jury, stay away from other people:

• The jurors were sequestered under guard for the remainder of the trial.

2. LAW another word for sequestrate
  [m0] II. sequester sequester 2 noun [countable] formal
an order by the US government stating that a government organization or department must reduce the money it spends:

• If the projected deficit is more than $74 billion, a sequester will be administered.

• Education and labor are among the agencies scheduled for sequester cuts.

* * *

sequester UK US /sɪˈkwestər/ verb [T]
(also sequestrate) LAW, PROPERTY to take temporary possession of someone's property until they have paid back the money that they borrowed in order to buy it, or until they have obeyed a court order: »

You sign the acknowledgement of debt now and a few months later your property will be sequestered.

LAW to keep a jury together in a place so that they cannot discuss the case with other people or see or hear news reports about it: »

He is expected to rule on a motion to sequester jurors during the trial.

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